Whether you work with a marketing department or as an entrepreneur, Instagram is essential for modern brand development and audience growth. However, keeping up with regular, daily posts and engagements can be overwhelming and tiring. To automate these, there are Instagram bots and bots

If you want to automate some mundane social media tasks, now is the time to take a closer look at our list of the best Instagram bots to try. Please note that our site offers various services on Instagram: Instagram followers (both real and bot), likes, and followers.

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What is Instagram Bot Push?

Instagram bots (IG bots) help automate your account activity, such as mutual follows, comments, direct messages, following, unfollowing, and liking.

This means that you can accelerate engagement on your account and dramatically increase your profile visits, followers, and even clicks to your website.

With the help of bot push operation, you will eliminate the effort of maintaining your Instagram account.

Launching an Instagram bot can generate audience growth very quickly; They use information about your goals and algorithms to provide new followers for your Instagram profile.

There are two types of bots - one controlled by humans and the other powered by artificial intelligence. Used wisely, Instagram bots can launch your social media presence and build your profile.

However, it can be a source of annoying spam for others and can lead to your account being banned if used irresponsibly.

How does Instagram bot push work?

How can an automation script get more followers and likes? Before answering this question, consider how a real person gets more followers and likes.

They do this by being continuously active on the platform. They often post, follow others, and like and comment on other people's posts. Bots work the same way: They consistently follow, like, and comment based on the criteria you set.

The better the criteria you define for bot throwing, the better your results will be. You want to make sure you're targeting the right groups because the people your bot interacts with on Instagram will be more likely to engage with your content.

For example, if you sell women's clothing on Instagram, then you can instruct bots to like, comment, and follow women or profiles with hashtags like #beauty, #fashion, or #clothes in their posts. This increases the likelihood that your target audience will see your profile, follow you, and start interacting with your posts.

How does it work on the technical side? You cannot use the Instagram Developer API as it is quite limited for this purpose. Enter browser automation. It works as follows:

  • You enter your information there.
  • You set criteria for who to follow, what comments to post, and what types of posts to like.
  • Your bot opens a browser, goes to https://instagram.com, logs in with your information, and starts doing what you tell it to do.
  • Next, you'll set up your initial version of your Instagram bot, which automatically logs into your profile.

How does Instagram botting help increase followers?

One of the best advantages of using Instagram bots is that they work continuously regardless of the time zone. Instagram bots can work around the clock to keep your account active.

By setting your preferences like targeting specific hashtags and influencers in your niche, Instagram bots can easily automatically search for them and instantly follow them. This saves you a lot of time because you don't need to scroll between different profiles. And as mentioned earlier, the Instagram bot allows you to automatically like, follow other users, and leave comments.

Instagram bots help you gain more potential followers because all the people they automatically follow are likely to follow you in return.

If you are targeting an audience living in different time zones, the Instagram bot can effectively reach and interact with them according to their posting time. With the time zone barrier removed, you now have a better chance of getting more followers.

What are the benefits of using an Instagram bot?

Apart from saving a lot of your valuable time and getting more followers organically, below are some of the benefits that Instagram bots offer.

You will get increased publicity

Today, Instagram limits its new users to follow no more than 20 people per hour or a hundred people per day. By automating your follow-ups and tasks, you'll have more exposure. In other words, Instagram bots to increase the total number of followers or allow Instagram followers per day and send invitations to each of them and encourage them to visit your page or follow you.

You will get immediate results

Since you have the highest exposure, you are likely to get instant likes and comments from the people your Instagram bots follow. And this instant result is significantly valuable because you don't have to wait to see the results.

By gaining instant organic followers, you increase your brand awareness and increase your chances of generating leads and conversions. You may be surprised by the sudden increase in web traffic to your website because you can direct all your followers to visit your site directly from your Instagram account.

You will gain real and engaged followers

Compared to buying Instagram followers, people attracted by Instagram bots are better because they are real people. Instagram panel and TikTok panel sites can give you both bot and real followers. When you buy Instagram followers, you are likely to buy fake Instagram accounts that actually offer a fake badge or no badge at all (there are exceptions). Instagram bots, on the other hand, allow you to reach and acquire real and active people in your niche who will engage with your posts in the future.

You can become an Influencer

When people in your niche see that you have a significant number of real followers, they are likely to ask you to promote their brand or service. And this opportunity significantly increases your credibility. This will make your brand credible and more likely to attract followers in the future.

What Kinds of Instagram Bots Are Best in 2022?

Thanks to Instagram's fight against spam, growth bots that take a more organic approach to automation lead today's market.

Meanwhile, there are many tasks these bots can perform. You can also customize several bots to meet your personal needs.

Let's take a quick look at some of the most common tasks performed by Instagram bots and how they can help build your brand

Instagram follower bot

Automatically follow other accounts on your behalf. When you follow new people, it improves your visualization. Often the individuals and brands you follow will follow you back as their friends.

Instagram like bot

Automatically like other people's posts and comment on them on your behalf. When your profile gives the impression that you are active online, it opens up opportunities for collaboration.

You can comment and like your own posts. When other users interact with your content, or at least appear to interact, it builds trust in your brand and builds both interest and loyalty.

Instagram comment bot

Basically, Instagram comment bots stimulate activity on your account and grow your following by helping you find and build relationships with accounts that are a good fit or by creating comments that stand in for authentic user accounts and can be used to increase likes and followers.

Instagram poll bot

Finally, there are Instagram survey bots that don't focus on engagement and growth but have a known engagement and growth strategy that helps you plan and publish content regularly. Instagram survey bots are very affordable and high quality.

Instagram spam bot

Instagram spam bots are used to automate direct messaging or auto commenting. These bots should be used with caution.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the best Instagram bot to try right now.


Infract is another fairly simple Instagram automation service. He will like, follow and comment on other users' posts. Of course, the client can choose which hashtags the bot can follow and which hashtags it can block.

The bot can also create a customer's own shipping schedule and even send messages to people. In addition, the bot can also provide analytics on the client's accounts. Now they have added the ability to send automatic direct messages through their service. The maximum number of messages that can be sent per day is 100. This means that Infract can send about 12-14 messages every hour.

They can be sent to all users or every new user as a welcome. Another update is the ability to check your inbox directly and send replies via Inflatt. The second update is Table Shipping. Previously, it was possible to schedule only a photo posting, and now it is possible to schedule a video, carousels (up to 10 photos), and even add stories.

Speaking of which, the service can offer three levels of payment for accounts 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10. 1 account limit plans seem to be the most expensive, so a 2-week plan is €19 (about $22), a 1-month plan is €24 ($28) with a 35% discount, and a 3-month plan is €57 ($67) with a 50% discount.

In contrast, the 10 account limit plans are €9, €12, and €28. The 3-month plan even comes with a personal manager to ensure the customer's account stays on track. Of course, there is also a 3-day free trial.


  • Scheduled posts
  • Target hashtags
  • Like, follow, comment, message
  • Analytics
  • A personal manager manages the bot at the 3-month level


  • It's quite expensive – although it's more cost-effective with multiple accounts

Last words about Instagram bots and bots

You've seen how many Instagram bot companies there are these days – but that doesn't mean you have to settle for just one.

In fact, that's exactly why we do it – because we want you to make an educated and informed decision when choosing your Instagram bot.

It's a competitive world out there, which means you'll need the best Instagram bot on your side if you want to stand a chance at success.

Luckily, we have a list, and now it's up to you to decide which one will best suit your Instagram engagement needs.

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