In social networks today, people post photos not only for the envy of their friends but also to earn money. Page activity, that is, likes and comments, play a big role in this. If users leave tags, the publication can rise to the top, which will contribute to a large set of active subscribers.

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How many Instagram Likes are there?

There is no single answer to the question of how much a follower is worth on Instagram. Without using the service - usually at least 0.0001 AZN. And this is only if you make a good layout for the target and choose the right audience. However, advertising is not recommended for joining young accounts. Free methods (hashtags, comments, mutual PR) also have no effect on newly created profiles.

When posting a new post, the question arises: How much does Instagram like cost? The price of the service on our website is AZN 0.002. Likes help to quickly promote the post, and improve the statistics.

Fast Ways to Get Likes on Instagram

You can get more audience responses using paid and free methods. Of course, it is easier to get real likes on Instagram. However, if the goal is rapid account growth, it is more efficient to use them together.

How to increase audience engagement

Create useful and interesting content :

Photos in low resolution, boring texts with errors - a sad sight. If this applies to you, take immediate action. Otherwise, you will be far behind your competitors and will not be able to promote your profile even by getting likes on Instagram. Make a good camera, and process photos in applications. And don't be greedy! Share useful information with subscribers, then they will definitely start applauding you with reactions.

Don't forget the hashtags 

This is one of the most controversial ways to advertise on Instagram. But it really works. You just need to prepare the hashtags correctly. Mix high, medium, and low frequencies. Thus, the publication will not be lost among thousands of similar ones.

Follow the trends

They are changing rapidly. But if you want to stay one step ahead of your competitors, you still need to follow fashion trends. An alternative is to start creating trends yourself. If you are an authority in your niche and have out-of-the-box thinking, then you can definitely be a trendsetter. But remember that new ideas don't always take root quickly. Statistics can be negative if subscribers don't like them, but in this case, you can get likes for a post on Instagram.

Participate in Liketimes

Support other members with reactions and get profile activity in return. Changing likes is easy. But there is a caveat. If you don't maintain the same level of activity on your profile after light time, the stats will fall apart and this will definitely affect your promotion. Although some know how much Instagram likes are, they don't want to waste time on likes, they just order the required number of reactions.

Send content when your audience is most active

Good timing will help you pick up stats. You are more likely to get more likes, saves, and reposts during these hours.

Share posts on other social networks

You can duplicate content from Instagram on VKontakte, Facebook, and Twitter. To make users want to follow the link or publish only part of the content, make an interesting conclusion, and offer to read more on Instagram.

Try to get likes

Get Azeri Instagram like for a new profile. The social network does not like young accounts as much as its users. If you have recently created a page, the promotion will accelerate the promotion. So you can convince the algorithms that your content really deserves attention and get the first subscribers and likes.

By using our service, you only get likes from real users. The possibility of a ban is excluded. By getting likes and followers on Instagram, you can gradually develop your account and maintain the positive dynamics of statistics. Algorithms will recognize this as a natural response to high-quality content and help push publications to the top. The result is cheap subscribers who will later become your leads. Calculate how many likes you have on Instagram and start promoting your profile now!

Services for increasing Instagram Likes

The web is full of sites that offer to collect subscribers, likes, and reposts on any social network. This can be done for free or for a fee. The last option involves the execution of tasks: likes, video views, subscriptions, etc. adds. That is, you help other profiles earn points.

You need to spend a lot of time to get a lot of likes for free. This method is suitable when the profile is young, you need a few likes or you want to test the site.

Remember the like limits before getting likes

for a new account: from 10 to 20 per hour and from 400 to 500 per day;

for a young account (from 3 to 6 months): 20-40 per hour, and from 500 to 1000 per day;

an old account (from 1 year old) and already promoted can reliably collect 30 to 50 hearts per hour and 800 to 1200 per day.

So, among the free services are the following.


Perhaps this is the most popular exchange to get Instagram likes. It works on the principle of mutual assistance. So you have to register first to earn points.

When the required number of points has been collected, you can start promoting your profile. To do this, you need to create a task. There you have to choose the social network, the reaction you want, insert a link to the post, and set the number of points you want to spend.

It is better to choose slow or medium speed. If the score is not encouraged, the set of quick reactions will be too suspicious for the algorithm.


A similar exchange where you can earn points for completing simple tasks, which you can then spend on promoting your profile.

If it's easier for you to pay, you can buy a quick cheat for cash. One "heart" will cost from 0.3 to 0.6 rubles. The more points you get, the cheaper they are.


A similar exchange to the previous one. First, points are earned, then spent to buy a post. The service does not require a password, so the account will not be deleted. If you are too lazy to deal with earning points, you can buy likes for 5 rubles. one piece.

Instagram and TikTok panels

Nowadays, panel sites are very common. You can use these sites if you want to create an Instagram panel or create a TikTok panel.


Also, a free service that works on the principle of "you to me - I to you". Registration through a social network that not everyone likes. However, the platform has been operating since 2011, which indicates a certain reliability. By the way, they are the first to offer a more honest promotion option instead of scams with bots and stolen accounts.

Get paid likes on Instagram

There are other types of services, they work on a paid basis. But the client of the service saves time, he does not need to perform tasks in exchange for the rating of other users. For example, you can get a lot of live likes on Instagram using the link. The methods and methods of obtaining the activity in a different way are much more complex and energy-consuming than this option.

How to get likes for free? It is enough to register for the service, choose the optimal tariff, pay for the service, and get likes under the mentioned post. Likewise, you can block comments or subscribers.

Likes are posted by real people, not bots. All this happens in a dosed manner, the limits are not exceeded, which guarantees complete safety - the system will not block the page. In addition, you do not need to enter any information from Instagram, this confidential information will not fall into the hands of fraudsters.


The work of this tool can show good results. It is more often used by novice bloggers to attract attention or increase activity on their pages. The essence of the method is to massively like the posts of a potential audience, this action prompts the address of sympathy to log into your account, take reciprocating actions, and remain its follower.

Here are some tips to make the process more efficient:

  • Exclude the audience. Your target is people who are potentially interested in the published material. You can find such accounts through hashtags, competitors' profiles, or bloggers working in a similar niche;
  • Act on all fronts. This means that you should not only like, but also leave comments, subscribe, and watch stories, that is, you should "shine" in selected profiles by all means;
  • If the answer is not received the first time, try to repeat your actions in 3-5 days, maybe this will give a positive result;
  • Respect the limitations. This is important because you can get banned and lose your existing coverage for exceeding the outgoing activity limits.

Building and implementing bulk likes manually takes a lot of effort and time, it is very easy to get hundreds of likes individually and in bulk on Instagram.

Bot Programs to Get Instagram Likes

Likes on Instagram and ordering real likes in programs will not work, but you can automate the process of mass action on the accounts of potential subscribers. True, it will be impossible to predict the result of launching an Instagram bot, because it will depend on many factors:

  • Accuracy of input parameters for selecting and filtering the target audience;
  • Available toolset;
  • Selected strategy: likes only, likes and subscriptions, views, and reactions, etc.;
  • Proper functioning of the bot itself;
  • Setting safe limits and sufficient intervals between transactions from your account;
  • The ability to timely analyze the result and make necessary adjustments;
  • Preparation of the audience for response "manifestations", etc.

In any case, you are responsible for using such an Instagram automation bot, because no developer will guarantee you that you will get a certain number of indicators in a certain number of days that the bot is running, and the bot will not guarantee the absence of results. a possible form of prohibition.

From the available Instagram bots, you can familiarize yourself with the possibilities:

  • Smmflow;
  • easygram;
  • Bridget;
  • grammatoma;
  • Instapie.

How to get likes on Instagram

First, you need to select the post to be promoted. It should be interesting and quality material that you like. Work on the above points and prepare your post for promotion. Getting likes on a social network takes place in several stages. First, you find a suitable company and place an order. Usually, you can get information about the status of your personal account for large services. The increase in likes on the social network may not start immediately, especially if you need "live" performers. The site should regulate the number of likes received at the same time so that no one suspects fraud in the social network. If you think there are not enough likes, you can add more after completing the order. It is not recommended to work with several programs at the same time. You can order likes on Instagram cheaply.

Last words about getting Instagram Likes

Getting likes on Instagram is necessary to build a reputation for the advertised account. Of course, photo service is not welcome

it is important to be careful: do not exceed the limits, and do not use bots and high speed.

You can get acquainted with free services, then you can switch to paid services. But in any case, you will have to work on the quality of your account and use white hat promotion methods. Only they will allow you to get quality subscribers and customers.

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