YouTube is often used by brands to increase awareness, increase sales, and warm up audiences. Every year, channels become more expensive to create, maintain and promote. The quality bar is set at a high level, the competition is increasing, and the most effective means of advertising - working with bloggers - is also the most expensive.

YouTube creates a huge amount of content every day and it's hard to top it. Promoting your channel on video hosting is becoming more and more difficult every day. You need to use tricks to make your video stand out.

Therefore, it is not surprising that many people are looking for simpler ways and sometimes turn to different services to get YouTube views and subscribers out of the ordinary. Is it worth using "gray" promotional methods and how to "promote" the channel in 2023 - we say in this article. You can buy youtube subscriptions, likes, and views on our website at a low price.

Why do I need Youtube subscribers?

Watching the best channels - PewDiePie, VanossGaming, WWE - you are filled with incredible pride and respect. Think about it, they each receive several million dollars a month with a smooth average employment regime. ! So, PewDiePie is off to a strong start and currently has around 111 million subscribers and 28 billion views on Youtube. Now we see the impact of channel subscribers.

If you have your own channel with videos and it is a very popular wave today, then you need to make it successful and, if possible, make money from it. But quality content is not always enough for this.

In some cases, it takes years for a sufficient number of subscribers, fame, and recognition to appear. It's no secret that low-quality options designed for schoolchildren work more efficiently. Why does this happen, you ask? Yes, only because it is this category of Internet users who spend 24 hours a day on the computer. Teenagers choose what interests them, and have fun. Because no one cares what other people think, they don't care what they like or who they subscribe to. Accordingly, the number of different indicators increases and thus success is achieved.

The freedom inherent in this audience plays a decisive role in the popularity of a particular channel. What to do in this case? It's very simple, you need to increase the number of YouTube subscribers and the number of views. There are different ways - paid and free.

It is difficult to overestimate the value of subscribers in terms of the development of a young channel on YouTube:

activity - subscribers participate in comments, watch new videos, etc.;

advertising - each of them can advertise your videos on their sites;

reputation - affiliate programs, viewers, and other YouTube bloggers often judge a channel by the number of subscribers;

income - to provide high income. It follows that users are a vital resource for a young channel.

Tips to increase the number of subscribers on the YouTube channel

  • Get your first followers yourself. Friends, and colleagues, let the initial base be organic. This will create the appearance of a natural set of subscribers.
  • Take your time and don't get more than 200 subscribers per day, better - less. Then YouTube will not care about the sudden increase in subscribers.
  • It's not just the subscription that counts. Users can watch, like, or comment on early videos immediately after subscribing. This is natural human behavior. You can also order video views and comments.
  • Consider geolocation. If the channel gets a lot of views from Australia or the Netherlands, the site will notice this and may initiate a review or block the channel.
  • A set of subscribers is not the main way to develop a channel, but an addition. There is no shame in supporting a new channel with a moderate set of subscribers, but we do not recommend using it all the time. With an artificial set of subscribers, you may not feel how the channel will start getting organic subscriptions.
  • Move gradually. If you have applied one remedy and you are not satisfied with the result, wait about 12 hours before using another. Do not run two or more services at the same time.
  • And one more recommendation. Even with artificially increasing subscribers, you will need to produce quality content. On the contrary, it is better to start with it. This is necessary to attract organic users.

Buying subscribers on Youtube

Many people are interested in getting subscribers for their youtube channel. The search term buy youtube subscription for Turkey is becoming popular on Google (it means buy youtube subscribers in Turkish). Let's dive deep into this topic.

Why might you need a massive attraction of subscribers in a short period of time?

For monetization. Adsense requires a minimum of 1000 subscribers and 4000 channel watch hours per year. But don't rush to join immediately after recruiting subscribers. There may be unpleasant consequences - for example, a ban.

A more favorable position on the issue. This is a plus for ranking by the number of subscribers.

As social proof that you're interesting.

Of course, it is necessary to act cautiously and without haste. Read on for all the recommendations.

In general, many experts believe that there is no need to artificially increase YouTube subscribers and it is better to engage in organic channel promotion, but there is a demand for promotion.

What are youtube views for?

The number and depth of views on YouTube is the most important indicator of the quality of a video. They influence the promotion of videos in both search and trending.

As you already know, with a quick set of high-quality views in the first hours after uploading a video to a channel, it can become trending and automatically promoted by YouTube. Therefore, many projects invest a lot of money in increasing the views and promotion of their videos.

Also, a video with a large number of views has an advantage over competitive (similar) content in a search on this video hosting.

Youtube panels

Hacking sites are very common these days. For example, TikTok panel or Instagram panel. Youtube panels are not far behind. You can make your channel popular by using these panels properly.

Ways to promote a channel and get followers and subscribers on Youtube

Mutual exchange sites

This option allows you to get a traffic stream from live YouTube users. But for this, you will have to perform the actions indicated by the participants of the exchange yourself. To make working on such services simple and clear, everyone is given a certain amount of internal currency, with the help of which all calculations are made. Many exchanges have programs of the same name, so you can cheat YouTube on Android and PC at any time. To use on such sites, it is better to have additional profiles on all social networks, so there will be more tasks and therefore you will earn the necessary amount of internal currency faster.

Mutual PR

Although this method is not a pure type of fraud, it also spins the counters. In this case, the main issue is to choose the right partner for cooperation. It's best if your fields are related, not competing. For example, a make-up artist's channel sharing the basics of her work may find an ally in a stylist talking about fashion news. Obviously, the target audience will be the same, so you can get new real interested subscribers who will actively respond to your videos with likes and comments.

Social Media

Post information about your videos on personal pages or in communities on social networks, which can bring significant traffic. They say that YouTube algorithms like users from other sites when it comes to video hosting, so you can count on a loyal relationship. Post announcements of new videos, and ask your friends for support - this way you will be able to tell more people about your channel and get them interested.

Live broadcasts

Many users have a broadcast format, so you can see what other people are doing in real-time, write messages in the chat and get replies. In addition, the best ones are selected from among the streams and a rating is formed. Getting there is easier than getting your channel to any other Top, so don't miss this opportunity, use live broadcasts to get more followers.

Activity on closely themed sites

You can find a channel with a similar focus and leave comments under the videos there. Just think about the text of your message, you should attract and intrigue all users who read it. Also, search for forums in your field on the Internet and actively communicate there, attracting users to watch videos on your channel. Just try not to spam but share useful information with people.

Proper name

Most experts are sure that the main part of subscribers is users who found your video through search and found it interesting. Therefore, you need to name the video correctly to attract the attention of the viewers from the search. It is not difficult to do this, it is enough to take into account the rules of sorting and optimization:

You need to identify what user request your videos are responding to and include it in the title;

It is desirable to include a similar statement in the description, so it is more likely to fall on the top of the internal issue.

Also, if you manage to name the videos correctly, then they will most likely be displayed on the popular Yandex and Google search engines for relevant queries.


These tags are already familiar to everyone without exception, they are presented on YouTube, as in other social networks. By using certain phrases, you clarify to the algorithms what your video is about, so it is advisable to add related hashtags, this will allow you to cover a large area, so the system will recommend your videos to everyone who is interested in the topic.

Summary of YouTube promotion methods

You can buy views on services, cheap labor exchanges, and programs on YouTube. This allows the brand or blogger to leapfrog the competition and deliver the message first. However, be careful: YouTube does not accept automated competition intervention and removes fake views, sometimes even blocking a channel for violating community guidelines. Use legitimate promotion methods to avoid losing the trust of the social network and the audience.

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