Getting more followers, views and likes on Instagram is not as easy as it used to be. More than two billion users and 25 million companies compete for attention. In addition, Instagram's constantly changing algorithm makes it difficult to reach your target audience. Currently, promotion on Instagram is more relevant than ever. In this article, we'll share different tactics you can use to get more followers, likes, and followers by beating the algorithm and competition through Instagram dashboards.

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What is Instagram Panel?

The Instagram panel is a tool that companies use to reach more potential customers. An Instagram panel is an online tool that can help you target specific groups with similar interests to your company or product. The first thing the Instagram dashboard does is increase your follower count – this includes both real users and bots. The second thing the Instagram dashboard does is increase the engagement rates of any posts you post with paid ads or organic content.

Finally, they can do all of this without ever getting your account banned from posting entirely, because it doesn't violate Instagram's terms of service like buying fake products.

Pros and cons of Instagram Panel

Of course, gaining followers by posting a panel on Instagram is not a recipe for instant fame and fortune. There are pros and cons to this type of advertising strategy, including:

The positives

  • Instant increase in audience size
  • A more authoritative image and increased credibility
  • More attention and visibility on Instagram
  • Attracting new organic subscribers is easier
  • More engaging content


  • Purchased followers don't always engage with your content

4 tips to increase followers, likes, and views on Instagram

Getting followers, likes and views can make a real difference. However, you need to constantly work on getting as many followers, views, and likes as possible. The followers you get from paneling can help you to some extent, but you shouldn't forget about organic promotion. Of course, many people prefer cheap promotion on Instagram. Regardless, it's important to include each of the following in your Instagram strategy:

Create a neat resume and history

Your resume will often decide who will follow you and who won't. That's why you need to make sure your resume is as engaging, inspiring, and professional as possible while still telling a compelling story about who you are.

Use hashtags strategically

Hashtags work best when they are used sparingly. It's important to make sure every aspect you use is relevant to your content and audience. This is a good promotion strategy on Instagram.

Use the Instagram dashboard wisely

The Instagram panel is a tool that you can use in online promotion. If you use this tool correctly, your account will go very far in the algorithms. Look at the type and quality of services before you sign up. Choose the package that suits YOU and test it.

Use more Instagram features

From Stories to Polls to IGTV, Instagram offers a number of features to increase your reach and engagement. All these should be used to your maximum advantage.

Create great content

Ultimately, nothing is more important than the quality of the content you post on Instagram. Quality, unique, relevant, creative, and valuable content is always the key to Instagram's success.

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Likes on Instagram mean as much as ever. We'll look at several ways to get likes on Instagram:

Tag relevant users

Whether you're celebrating a co-worker, a new acquaintance, or a childhood hero, the goal is to emphasize how much you value them and share that value with your audience. This is a good way to get more likes. But what if their audience will see your value in the process? Well, so be it.

Write catchy headlines

Whether it's better to write a novel that goes as far as possible over Instagram's 2,200 character limit or to keep it cryptic and edgy with one line depends on your brand's voice and message. But long or short titles are an important component of publishing success.

Beautiful Instagram captions add context and personality and motivate your followers to take action.

Other ways to become famous on Instagram besides hitting the panel

Of course, hitting a panel is the easiest and fastest way to raise your account on social networks. However, there are other interesting tactics. Here are some of them:

Enter your location when creating a post

Geotagging your location is about more than bragging about your superior taste in breweries or co-working spaces.

If you're a brand with a brick-and-mortar location, this is even more beneficial because you create a sense of community with your existing and... potential repeat customers. (Remember to make sure your physical coordinates are correct for you to appear on the map.). This is a good tactic to get more likes.

Go to the Explore page

Behind that little magnifying glass icon is the Explore page, which has a wealth of beautiful, fun content personalized for you by Instagram. The brands that appear there attract a lot of attention.

But how are brands featured in the Instagram Explore tab? In short, you want a high level of engagement and an active community - and there's no harm in taking advantage of whatever new features Instagram is currently adding to the algorithm. Really, this strategy is as good as shooting a cheap panel on Instagram .

Write at the right time

Instagram does not display posts in chronological order, but its algorithm prioritizes "recentness". This means that if you want to be seen, it's important for you to know when your audience is watching. Of course, you can buy instant services with the Instagram panel as another way.

Well, each brand has its own touchpoint based on its unique audience, so your own analytics will give you some guidance.

But we've done some math and a few experiments to figure out the best time to post on Instagram, and it seems that generally, 11 am on Wednesday is a good enough time to target. Start there and tweak as you find out what works for your specific audience!

Run a liking contest

Contests can take a little planning or a lot of time. A similar contest is one of the easiest ways to increase engagement over a period of time.

The key is that your prize should be desirable to your audience, but also specific enough to attract real fans, not opportunists.

Interact outside of your feed. You can get likes,  followers, and other services by clicking on the Instagram panel.

In its constant effort to give people what they want, the algorithm prioritizes Instagram posts from accounts it deems "close". How does it measure proximity? Track how accounts interact with each other.

So, if you want to expand your reach and therefore your chances of getting likes, don't be quiet: go ahead and interact. Be generous with likes and comments.

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Do you really want to be famous?

Many people whose videos are viewed around the world never expected this to happen. Awkward scenes and hidden cameras are usually a surprise for the audience. As a result, not everyone needs 15 minutes of fame.

For those who want to achieve this kind of online fame, it's a bit frustrating when it doesn't happen.

If you're an Instagram user, then you're familiar with the process of getting views on your latest videos.

The number of followers is considered a sign of status. A high number of views means that your video is worth watching. Therefore, it is necessary to increase these numbers.

Have you looked at all the settings available in your Instagram app? Simple settings can help you connect with many other users and get more views on Instagram.

Try these options:

Make sure you can easily contact any potential user. Look for information about "find and invite friends" and "suggested users" in the Instagram settings.

Hitting the Insta panel is sometimes very helpful in these cases.

Your profile defines your public image. Don't want negative pictures to appear on your profile.

Build relationships online with people who are interested in seeing and liking your posts. Change your settings so that Instagram panel users notify you when they post something new. You can test it or like it right away.

The time after a new blog post is released is when your readers will pay the most attention to the posts. If you like the first post, they will know and remember your name.

Your biography

On Instagram, it's not just pictures. People want to know who they are watching. Make sure your bio is accurate. Include interesting information about your next article that might interest your readers.

The bio should contain hashtags that you use often. It is also possible to enter keywords. This will allow you to see:

  • Pinterest users with similar interests to yours
  • Search Engine
  • Searches using hashtags

Add an online link for those interested in more information. Don't let them lose interest because of a lack of detail. However, if you already have a lot of followers and views on Instagram, it will improve the look and feel of your bio and make it more attractive.

Last words about the Instagram panel in 2023

We've explored paid and free methods and tactics to increase followers, likes, and views on Instagram. We clarified many points about the Instagram Panel. Choose your way to become famous on this social network and the results will not take long.

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